There is a growing trend in the Remote control hobby. In the past RC companies went to all lengths to make their RC products “ready to run” (RTR). However there is a fast growing trend to make your crawler look as real as it can get. A merger if you will, between Scale modelling and remote control is happening and you can see it everywhere.

If you lack the skills to fabricate using welders, grinders and other sharp items it can be very difficult and dangerous to make scale accessories and highly likely resulting in a trip to the hospital. Not to mention if you don’t own any of the specific tools and equipment in order to make them.

To say “I built that” are three powerful words and creation is fast becoming a must in making your scale crawler individually special. What if there was a company out there dedicated to making a safe way to say “I built that”.

When asked,what they really liked about building that Scale item. It wasn’t the hours trying to figure out how to make it and it surely wasn’t spending hours cutting out the pieces. It was putting the pieces together and adding the finishing touches by painting and making it theirs.

Vault RC has designed a range of scale accessories for people to build, paint and add their finishing touches so people can say “I built that” safely.

The Vault RC scale kits are designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia. Made from real high quality metal these kits will last years.

When you spend a lot of hours and money making your scale RC crawler just right, you want that scale trailer or scale item to look just right in order to complete the look.

The Vault RC kits come in a simple well made flat-pack form and can be made using simple tools like a screwdriver. There is no cutting, welding or grinding needed. When you buy with Vault RC you know you are buying a high quality and safe product designed specificity to help you say “I built that”.

If you are looking for most scale trailers on the market head to www.vaultrc.com and view the range of scale RC trailers and scale accessories.

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